Frequently Asked Questions

When and how is a private flight booked?

With early booking (a few days before departure) the choice of aircraft is larger and therefore usually cheaper the price. Of course you can also book at short notice, they will need a few hours for the provision of crew and machine there is. Your charter contract with all the necessary information (crew, meeting, plan, etc.) are only available after clarification of your travel requests by fax or email.

Is a transfer possible?

Since it is your private flight, changes are possible at any time, even if you are already in the air. However Extreme changes can cause additional costs.

What happens if I am late?

Nothing! They're waiting for you. However, it's best to the crew and your advisor at Sophistic Air informed by phone. Through the required re-start time award further delays may occur. Serious delays of many hours cause understandably in some cases additional costs.

How much does my private airplane and how do I pay?

The price depends mainly on the aircraft type and the required flight hours. Discuss the details with your advisor of Sophistic Air. You will then receive by fax or email a Kostenvoranschlag.Die Payment is made via bank transfer prior to the flight.

What type of aircraft I take?

Whether single-engine sports machine, Learjet or Airliner - more than 100 types of aircraft available for your use. You will be please with your decision they advise.

What to eat and drink?

Depending on the type of aircraft they fulfill your every desire Catering. Discuss your wishes when booking your Sophistic Air Advisor.

Can I smoke during the flight?

Of course you are allowed to smoke on board, eventually you have booked a private plane. Please let them know when booking so that they possibly provide the desired tobacco products and utensils.

Are pets allowed on board?

Whether dog, cat or koi carp - which along on the trip of your pet is of course allowed. Discuss this with them as possible in advance as possible to select the type of aircraft is concerned.

Is there a toilet on board?

Sport aircraft, helicopters, small propeller aircraft and small private jets have limited or no toilets generally. Discuss this with your Sophistic Air Advisor.

What is the Crew?

The composition of the crew depends on the selected type of aircraft, flight time and safety guidelines. Typically, a pilot and a co-pilot on board. Sport planes and helicopters are generally of a pilot geflogen.Unabhängig of the number of passengers is available in airplanes from 20 seats a (e) flight attendants (in) is available. Depending on the size, of course, more. Even on smaller aircraft You can of course book a steward.